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Coal Chemical Project

No. Project Description Production
Quality Evaluated
1.       13. Datang International Power Generation Co., Ltd Datang Duolun Coal to Olefin Project 460,000 t/a 2006.7~2008.3 Excellent
2.       14. Shenhua Baotou Coal to Olefin Project Purification Plant  Civil Works   2008.7~2008.12 Excellent
3.       15. Shenhau Project 829 (B Section) Synthetic Oil-Product Plant 180,000 t/a 2008.3~2008.12 Excellent
4.       16. Henan Longyu Coal Chemical-industrial Co., Ltd Dimethyl Ether Main Plant 200,000 t/a 2008.3~2008.9 Excellent
5.       17. Henan Kaifeng Longyu Group Poly-formaldehyde Project 40,000t/a 2009.2~2010.8 Excellent
6.       18. Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group Co., Ltd.  Coal to Olefin Project E & I Work   2008.9~2009.12 Excellent
7.       19. Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group Co., Ltd. Gasfication Plant   2008.7~2009.10 Excellent
8.       20 Shenhua Baotou Coal-Chemical Co., Ltd. Coal to Olefin Project Synthetic-Gas  Plant 530000  m3/h 2008.4~2009.7 Excellent
9.       21 Henan Longyu Coal-Chemical Co., Ltd. Phase II Utilities Plant  Boiler Work 2*220 T 2009.10~2010.9 Excellent
10.     22 Xinxiang Zhongxin Chemical-industrial Co., Ltd. Methanol Project 200,000t/a 2009.3~2010.11 Excellent
11.     23 Datang International Power Generation Co., Ltd Datang Duolun Coal to Olefin Project Maintenance Work 460000 t/a 2009.10~2010.11 Excellent
12.     24 Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group Co., Ltd. Poly-formaldehyde Project s-Trioxane Plant 60,000t/a 2009.8~2011.5 Excellent
13.     25 Hebi Coal & Electricity Co., Ltd Methanol Project Gasification Plant 600,000 t/a 2008.9~2011.5 Excellent
14.     26 Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group Co., Ltd. Poly-formaldehyde Project Phase II Civil, MEI Work 60,000t/a 2009.8~2011.6 Excellent
15.     27 Shenhua Coal-to-liquids Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. E’r’duosi Sub-company Sewage Water Deeply Treating Technical Studying Execution Plan Project   2010.9~2011.10 Excellent
16.     28 Inner Mongolia Zhuozheng Coal Chemical-Industrial Co., Ltd. Methanol Project 1,200,000 t/a 2011.3~2012.6 Excellent
17.     29 Kaifeng Longyu Chemical-industrial Co., Ltd. Poly-formaldehyde Project s-Trioxane Plant Civil, MEI Work 60,000 t/a 2011.3~2012.9 Excellent
18.     30 Inner Mongolia Mengda New Energy Chemical-Industrial Base Developing Co., Ltd. Methanol Project 600,000 t/a 2011.3~2012.8 Excellent
19.     31 Henan Longyu Coal Chemical-Industrial Co., Ltd. Phase II Acetic Acid Project Boiler Work 400,000 t/a 2010.12~2012.9 Excellent
20.     32 Henan Coal Chemical-Industrial Group Luoyang Yonglong Energy Co., Ltd. EO/EG Project Gasification Plant 200,000 t/a 2011.5~2012.9 Excellent
21.     33 Inner Mongolia Huineng Coal Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. LNG Project(CO+H2)Gasification Plant 200000Nm3/h 2011.7~2012.10 Excellent
22.     34 Kaifeng Longyu Chemical-Industrial Co., Ltd. Poly-formaldehyde Project Utilities Work 60,000 t/a 2011.7~2012.5 Excellent
23.     35 Erdos Guotai Chemical-industrial Co., Ltd.  Coal To Methanol Project 400,000 t/a 2012.4~2013.4 Excellent
24.     36 Ningxia Baofeng Energy Group Co., Ltd. Methanol Project 1,500,000 t/a 2011.7~2013.6 Excellent
25.     37 Chinacoal Shanxi Yulin Coal Energy Chemical-Industrial Co., Ltd. Methanol Acetic Acid Series Deep Processing Utilization Project   2012.4~2013.9 Excellent
26.     38 Anqing Shuguang Company Coal to Hydrogen Project Civil work   2013.7~2014.3 Excellent
27.       Yitai Xinjiang Energy Co., Ltd. 2000000 t/a Coal to Liquid Project Underground Piping Work   2014.8~2014.10 Excellent
28.       Shenhua Xinjiang Co. 680000 t/a Coal-based New Material Project Pipe Work 680000t/a 2013.9~2014.12 Excellent
29.       Handan XInsheng Energy Technology Co., Ltd. 150000 t/a High-temperature Coal Tar Hydrogenation Project   2014.3~2014.10 Excellent
30.       HQ Shenhua Shanxi Down-steam Production PP Plant Project   2014.9~2014.11 Excellent
31.       Shenhua Group Xinjiang Coal-based New Materials Project Gasification Plant Civil and MEI Work 680000 t/a 2013.9~2015.8 Excellent
32.     39 Shenhua Group Shan’xi Methanol Down-stream Processing Project Polypropylene Plant Civil Work   2013.8~2015.4 Excellent
33.       Shenhua Coal to Oil Chemical-industrial Co., Ltd. Shanxi Methanol Down-stream Production Project   2014.6~2015.6 Excellent
34.       Xinjiang Markor Chemical Co., Ltd. The third phase of coal fine chemicals industry integrated utilities installation project package I   2014.9~2015.7 Excellent
35.       Gansu Honghui energy chemical Co., Ltd. 10,000,000tons coal  quality-based utilization project phase I gas purification system、Auxiliary systems and other supporting project   2015.4~2015.9 Excellent
36.       Jilin Hongtai new energy Co., Ltd. 150000t/a coal tarlight aromatics project main unit installation contract   2015.3~2015.9 Excellent
37.       Inner Mongolia Huineng Chemical-industrial Co., Ltd. Coal to LNG Project High-salt Water Concentration Plant   2015.7~2016.5 Excellent
38.       Xinneng Energey Co., Ltd. 200000 t/a Stable Light Hydrocarbon Project Cycle Coal Storage Yard Plant   2016.1~2016.8 Excellent
39.     44 Shenhua Group Niangxia Coal-industrial Co., Ltd. Coal Indirect Liquefied Project Gasification Plant Civil and MEI Work 4000000 t/a 2014.3~2016.11 Excellent
40.     52 Yitai Xinjiang Energy Co,. Ltd. Huadian Ganquan 2,000,000 t/a  Coal-to-liquids project  oil Product synthesis unit package II construction project 2,000,000 t/a 2014.9~2016.11 Excellent
41.       Zhongtian Hechuang E’erduosi Coal Deep Processing Sample Project MTO & PE Plant Firefighting Project   2016.3~2016.6 Excellent
42.       Yitai Yili Energy Co., Ltd. 1000000 t/a Coal to Oil Sample Project 1000000 t/a 2014.8~2017.8 Excellent
43.       Sino-salt Hongsifang Co., Ltd. Hefei Chemical-industrial Base Phase II 300000 t/a Synthetic Gas to EO/EG Project Gasification Plant 300000 t/a 2015.10~2017.4 Excellent
44.       Sino-salt Hongsifang Co., Ltd. Hefei Chemical-industrial Base Phase II 300000 t/a Synthetic Gas to EO/EG Project Thermal Electricity and Coal Storage Plant  300000 t/a 2016.3~2017.4 Excellent
45.       Anhui Haoyuan Chemical-industrial Co., Ltd. 500000 t/a Dimethyl Ether Project Gasification Plant Civil Work 500000 t/a 2016.8~2017.3 Excellent
46.       Guizhou Xinchun Technology Development Co., LTD. New Generation Of Coal Glycol Technology (NCTEG) Industrial Test Project   2017.2~2017.9 Excellent
47.       Xinneng Energey Co., Ltd. 200000 t/a Stable Light Hydrocarbon Project CWS Gasification Plant 200000 t/a 2016.4~2018.3 Excellent
48.       Shanxi Weihe Binzhou Chemical Industrial Co, Ltd. Coal to EO/EG Project 300000 t/a 2017.9~2019.10 On-going