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Municipal & Environment Protection Project

No. Project Name Plant Scale Location Contract Duration Quality Assessment
7.  Municipal Project
1 China Guodian Xingyang Power Plant Central Heating Network Project, Pressure Separation And Water Supply Station Project   Zhengzhou, Henan 2017.3-2017.8 Excellent
2 Shanxi Natural Gas Co., Ltd. Duanchun - Hot Spring Township Gas Pipeline Project   Lingshi, Shanxi 2017.4-2017.10 Excellent
3. Kaifeng City Central Heating Pipe Network Phase II Project   Kaifeng, Henan 2017.3-2017.9 Excellent
4 Shi Jiazhuang Xingtang County Rural Human Settlements Improvement Construction Project and 2016 City-Level Beautiful Village (Xingtang County) Construction Project   Shijiazhuang, Hebei 2017.1-2017.3 Excellent
5. Shaanxi Natural Gas Co., Ltd. Jingxi No.1 and No.2 Line Major Tongchuan New District Safety Hazard Control Project   Tongchuan, Shanxi 2016.10-2016.12 Excellent
6. Zhengzhou Thermal Power Corporation Pipeline Network Project ( Nanyang Road—Wenhua Road)   Zhengzhou, Henan 2016.7.1-2016.7.30 Excellent
7. The People's Liberation Army 69061 Troops Overhaul And Upgrade The Oil Pipelines And Supporting Facilities Project   Turpan, Sinkiang 2016.8-2016.10 Excellent
8. Xinjiang Military Region 4915 Oil Depot Project   Kumul, Sinkiang 2016.2-2016.10 Excellent
9. South-North Water Transfer Project in Bazhou City Auxiliary Project--Shengfang Water Purification Plant and Water Distribution Network Project   Bazhou, Hebei 2015.3-2016.8 Excellent
10. Zhengzhou New District Wastewater Treatment Plant M & E Installation 650,000 m³/d Zhengzhou, Henan 2015.10-2016.2 Excellent
11. Zhengzhou Luodong Water Plant And Pipe Network Plant Mechanical Installation Project   Zhengzhou, Henan 2015.1-2015.5 Excellent
12. Gushi Surface Water Plant Equipment Renovation Project   Xinyang, Henan 2014.11-2015.2 Excellent
13. Xinmi Central Heating to Zhengzhou Pipe Network Project   Zhengzhou, Henan 2014.9-2016.6 Excellent
14. Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport Flight Zone Fire Fighting Project   Zhengzhou, Henan 2014.7-2015.8 Excellent
15. Guide to Gushan High Pressure Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline Project   Wangyu, Shandong 2013.11-2016.3 Excellent
16. Henan Development Gas Co., Ltd. Zhongyuan Oilfield--Kaifeng--Xuedian Gas Pipeline Project   Kaifeng, Henan 2013.5-2016.6 Excellent
17. Neixiang Country Urban Natural Gas Utilization Project   Nanyang, Henan 2013.5-2013.11 Excellent
18. Jiaozuo Natural Gas Utilization Project (Phase II)   Jiaozuo, Henan 2012.10-2012.12 Excellent
19. Xinmi City West-East Gas Pipeline Second-line Natural Gas Utilization Project Xinmi Yaoshanmen Station Process Equipment Installation and Sub-high Pressure Gas Line Project   Xinmi, Henan 2012.2-2012.5 Excellent
20. Qinyang—Jiyuan Coalbed Methane Gas Pipeline Project   Qinyang, Henan 2011.12-2012.5 Excellent
21. Xiuwu To Qixian Villiage (Yuntai Mountain) High-Pressure Gas Transmission Pipeline And Station Process Equipment Installation Project   Jiaozuo, Henan 2011.5-2012.3 Excellent
22. Jiaozuo Natural Gas Utilization Project (Phase II) Gao Cunmen Station Process Equipment Installation And High Pressure Gas Connection Pipeline Project   Jiaozuo, Henan 2011.3-2012.1 Excellent
23. Jia Dengyu Guanghui Skid-mounted LNG Automobile Refueling Station Project   Altay, Sinkiang 2010.7-2010.10 Excellent
24. Xi'an City Emergency Peaking Adjustment Station Construction and Installation Project   Xi’an, Shanxi 2008.8-2009.12 Excellent
25. Beijing Military Area 91223 Engineering Oil Tank Installation Project 6*10000 m3 Qin Huangdao, Hebei 2006.9-2007.2 Excellent
26. Zhengzhou Wu Longkou Wastewater Treatment Project 150,000 m3/d Zhengzhou, Henan 2005.6-2005.11 Excellent
27. Xinxiang Xiaoshang Village Wastewater Treatment Project Phase III 150,000 m3/d Xinxiang, Henan 2004.10-2005.12 Excellent
28. Xinxiang Xiaoshang Village Wastewater Treatment Project Phase I & II 150,000 m3/d Xinxiang, Henan 2003.5-2004.12 Excellent
29. Henan Xinyang City Wastewater Treatment Project 150,000 m3/d Xinyang, Henan 2003.9-2003.12 Excellent
30. Henan university new campus boiler room project   Kaifeng, Henan 2003.8-2003.12 Excellent
31. The main road heat pipe network of the new campus construction project of Henan University   Kaifeng, Henan 2003.7-2003.9 Excellent
32. Yongzhou Wastewater Treatment Co., Ltd. Xiangjiating Wastewater Treatment Installation Project 100,000 m3/d Yongzhou, Hunan 2001.06-2002.12 Excellent
33. Infrastructure heating project of Zhengzhou University New Campus   Zhengzhou, Henan 2002.6-2002.10 Excellent
34. Lighting installation project of Jiyuan City Century Plaza   Jiyuan, Henan 2002.8-2002.10 Excellent
35. Installation of stadium equipment room project in Henan Sports Center   Zhengzhou, Henan 2002.5-2002.7 Excellent
36. Xinxiang Camel Bay Sewage Treatment Plant Project 150,000 m3/d Xinxiang, Henan 2001.10-2002.05 Excellent
37. Zhengzhou Wastewater Treatment Plant Project 400,000 m3/d Zhengzhou, Henan 2000.6-2001.6 Excellent
38. Jiangsu Taixing Wastewater Treatment Project 50,000 m3/d Taixing, Jiangsu 2000.1-2000.4 Excellent
8Industrial and Civil Construction Project
1 Ningling Muyuan Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. Ningling Feed Factory Project   Shangqiu, Henan 2017.9-2018.7 Excellent
2 The second branch pig house civil and ancillary work project for Huining Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Cooperatives in Ningling County   Ningling, Henan 2017.10-2018.4 Excellent
3 Lankao Blue Collar Apartment Project   Kaifeng, Henan 2016.2-2016.4 Excellent
4. Steel structure factory of Henan Yida Gas Cylinder Inspection Technology Co., Ltd.   Jiaozuo, Henan 2015.3-2016.1 Excellent
5. Zhongzhou Carbon Co., Ltd. 50kt/a ultra-high power graphite electrode construction project in Jiaozuo City   Jiaozuo, Henan 2014.12-2016.3 Excellent
6. Anhui Metal Recycling Industrial Park Customs Supervision Zone Management Housing Project of Tongling Port Co., Ltd.   Tongling, Anhui 2013.7-2013.10 Excellent
7. Henan Baililian Chemical Co., Ltd. 300,000 t/a itanium-rich material project main plant project 300,000 t/a Jiaozuo, Henan 2013.5-2013.12 Excellent
Anhui Anada Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. 310 Substation, 503 ore storage and transportation, 504 ilmenite crushing plant construction project
  Tongling, An’hui 2012.3-2012.8 Excellent
9. Anhui Ananda Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. 40,000 t/a compact composite membrane rutile titanium dioxide project 40,000 t/a Tongling, An’hui 2011.12- 2012.6 Excellent
10. Kaifeng Longyu Harmony Harbour Residence community Community Project   Kaifeng, Henan 2011.3-2012.12 Excellent
11. ELECO high-rise residential buildings project   Kaifeng, Henan 2010.6-2013.2 Excellent
12. New energy electrical equipment factory building construction project   Xuchang, Henan 2010.6-2010.11 Excellent
13. Zhaoyuan Golden Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Redstone Mining 3000 t/a copper-zinc ore dressing plant new construction project 3000 t/a Hami, Xinjiang 2010.5-2012.2 Excellent
14. Hami Tuwu Copper Mine Living Area Construction and Installation Project   Hami, Xinjiang 2010.4-2010.11 Excellent
15. Xinjiang Yinxin Mining Investment Co., Ltd. Coal Mine Project 5000 t/a Hami, Xinjiang 2009.4-2010.12 Excellent
16. Hami Bolun Mining Baishanquan Iron Mine New Construction Project 5000 t/a Hami, Xinjiang 2005.6-2006.6 Excellent
17. Hami New Century Building construction project 16644 m2 Hami, Xinjiang 2001.4-2001.11 Excellent
18. Kaifeng Shagangsi Garden Community Residential Building and Housing Project in 8574 m2 Kaifeng, Henan 2000.02-2001.04 Excellent
19. Luoyang Petrochemical General Factory Xiangyang Community High-rise Residential Building Project 17488 m2 Luoyang, Henan 1999.12-2000.12 Excellent
20 Pingdingshan Shenma Group 66 Salt 1# Residential Building Project   Pingdingshan, Henan 1999.10-2000.5 Excellent
21. Shenma Group 66 Yanbei Living Area Public Work Project   Pingdingshan, Henan 1999.10-2000.5 Excellent
22. ELECO Staff Activity Center Project   Kaifeng, Henan   Excellent
9Environment Protection Project
1. China Energy Conservation (Fujian)Co., Ltd. Integrated Waste Disposal and Recycling Center Project   Youxi, Fujian 2016.7-2016.12 Excellent
2.   Xinjiang Pratt & Whitney Environment Co., Ltd. Dangerous Waste Treatment Project (Phase I)   Kuitun, Xinjiang 2016.7-2016.12 Excellent
3. Xinjiang Fulida Fiber Co., Ltd. Acid station desalination, boiler flue gas desulfurization project   Korla, Xinjiang 2016.3-2016.7 Excellent
4 National 863 Scientific Research Project “Study on Key Technologies of Coal Graded Refining Clean Fuel” Plant Construction Project   Yulin, Shanxi 2015.10-2016.8 Excellent
5. Inner Mongolia Mengwei Technology Co., Ltd. 600,000 t/a industrial waste slag comprehensive utilization circular economy construction project 600,000 t/a Wulanchabu, Inner Mongolia 2015.8-2016.8 Excellent
6. Hebei Guohui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Xinji City Sludge Comprehensive Utilization Project   Xinji, Hebei 2015.8-2016.3 Excellent
7 Hebei Langfang Boiler Quality Improvement Project   Langfang, Hebei 2015.9-2016.5 Excellent
8. Yuheng Coal Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. tail gas chimney renovation Phase I project   Yulin, Shanxi 2014.9-2014.10 Excellent
9. Xinjiang Xinye  Butanediol Fine Chemicals 500,000 t/a  Methanol Project Wastewater Treatment Unit Work   Wujiaqu, Xinjiang 2014.7-2014.9 Excellent
10. Xinjiang Meike Chemical Phase I and Phase II Thermoelectric Flue Gas Standard Renovation Project   Korla, Xinjiang 2014.6-2014.12 Excellent
11. Urumqi Petrochemical Plant Flue Gas Desulfurization Unit Reconstruction Project   Urumqi, Xinjiang 2013.7-2013.11 Excellent
12. Urumqi Petrochemical 800,000 t /a wax oil catalytic device regeneration flue gas treatment project 800,000 t /a Urumqi, Xinjiang 2013.7-2013.12 Excellent
13. Inner Mongolia Jiahui Silicon Chemical Co., Ltd. 60,000 t/a organic silicon and auxiliary projects water treatment and sewage treatment work   Wulanchabu, Inner Mongolia 2013.5-2013.9 Excellent
14. Xinjiang Guanghui Coal Cleaning and Refining Co., Ltd. project of 30,000,000 t/a coal grading and upgrading comprehensive utilization Phase I project 30,000,000 t/a Hami, Xinjiang 2013.3-2016.6 Excellent
15. Urumqi Petrochemical Thermal Power Plant flue gas desulfurization project   Urumqi, Xinjiang 2012.11-2013.5 Excellent
16 Ningxia Hanas LNG Project Heavy Hydrocarbon Removal Project   Yinchuan, Ningxia 2012.9-2013.7 Excellent
17. Inner Mongolia Guxin Environmental Protection Materials Co., Ltd. PVA Project wastewater treatment project   Inner Mongolia 2011.3-2011.5 Excellent
18. Kaifeng Longyu Chemical Co., Ltd. Polyaldehyde Project Wastewater Treatment Project   Kaifeng, Henan 2010.2-2010.7 Excellent
19. China Shenhua Coal-to-Liquid Chemical Co., Ltd. Ordos Coal-to-Liquid Branch Coal Liquefaction Waste Treatment Project   Ordos, Inner Mongolia 2010.9-2011.10 Excellent
20. Xi'an International Port Area Wastewater Treatment Plant Project 25,000 t/d Xi’an, Shanxi 2010.10-2011.6 Excellent
21. Zhongping Nenghua Group Kaifeng Dongda AC Wastewater Treatment Project   Kaifeng, Henan 2010.10-2010.10 Excellent
22.  Luohe Shuanghui Meat Industry Co., Ltd. The Second Industrial Park sewage treatment steel tank production and anti-corrosion insulation project 10000 t/d Luohe, Henan 2010.8-2011.1 Excellent
23. Petro-China Dushanzi Petrochemical Co., Ltd reconstruction and expansion of Ethylene Engineering Industrial Waste Treatment Plant Project   Dushanzi, Xinjiang 2009.9-2010.6 Excellent
10Road & Transportation Project
1. Sri Lanka Railway Project   Sri Lanka 2014.1-2017.9 Excellent
2. Sri Lanka Hanbantota C9 interchange project   Sri Lanka 2016.10-2018.4 Excellent
3. Maldives Verana International Airport expansion project   Maldives 2017.12-2018.8 Excellent
4. Sri Lanka Expressway Project   Sri Lanka 2016.3-2017.9 Excellent
5. Sri Lanka Expressway Extension Project including CH43+O00-CH46+000 Subgrade, culvert and bridge works   Sri Lanka 2016.8-2018.8 Excellent
6. Sri Lanka Highway Reconstruction Project from Galle to Udugama   Sri Lanka 2015.9-2018.2 Excellent
7 Power supply and distribution, and lighting work project from Lankao to Weimin expressway   Kaifeng, Henan 2015.9-2016.5 Excellent